Tuesday, March 31, 2009

a simple thing i never understand


sederhana saja
tanpa kata-kata yang berlebih
tanpa rayuan maut yang meluluhkan hati

sederhana saja
tanpa ada alasan yang kuat
tanpa ada argumentasi yang bertele-tele

sederhana saja
sesederhana tunas yang tahu kemana akan tumbuh

sesederhana aliran sungai yang tau kemana akan bermuara
sesederhana bumi yang sudah tahu kemana harus berputar

kurasa itu sederhana saja

Sunday, March 22, 2009

my feel today

Is this LOVE

or just another


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

it sounds...

i'm the B O M B
like tic. tic.

[lil wayne]

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

5.24 pm

Waktu menunjukkan angka-angka.
Senja melingkupi waktu hingga langit tertutup gelap.
Penuh berlari di dalam dunia.
Mengejar entah apa.
Melompat tinggi, menerjang.
Berlari kerasukan.
Tak terasa.
Lalu senja tiba.
Merekah menghujam teduh.
sudah waktunya, sudah waktunya
Waktunya peluh terusap.
Diamkan keluh.
Berhenti akan kesah.
Dan tercenung.
Entah apa.

Tidak pernah kupahami.
Tidak pernah sedikitpun kumengerti.
hanya sejemput nafas perlahan
yang bisa saja tiba-tiba lenyap.

maafkan aku, dunia.

Monday, March 9, 2009

10 random things about me

1. Moody. I can do one thing with all of my desire. But, if i'm not interested with that again, i can just left it behind.

2. Secret Admirer. I like to be a secret admirer for some boys who can makes me admire with all of him personality, but mostly i just like to know him at outside because if i really know him, mostly the fact can make me stop dreaming and be creative to have a crush. LOL.

3. Mostly i love to be alone. Well, i'm not like a anti-socialite or something, but i prefer to spend my time with my thoughts, my laptop, my book, alone at my room, with the dvd or mp3, or go somewhere alone, like mall. ( i just walk, and i go anywhere i want,well, even it just happen sometimes)

4. I love my father so much. He is my inspiration.
He is smart, wise, and can make me feel better if i share my problems :)
I hope my boyfriend have a little of my father's character.*fingercrossed*

5. I love my mother so much. She is a superwoman. Even sometimesi don't have similar perception with her view. But, i admire her because she is very multitasking. Can do all the homejob, task as a career woman, and have many activities but also can care about her family.

6. I love existrasis, all of my friend much. Because i can have fun with them all.

7. I love You very very very much, God. Because i can share all of my problem and always can count on You.

8. I'm very addicted to drama. LOL. I'm a movie and book freak, can't breath well if at a month i don't watch a movie at '21, vcd, dvd, or reading a book. >.<

10. Addicted to music, can't leave home without my mp4. xP

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