Tuesday, December 30, 2008

a better think

Yesterday i go out with my dad and eat mix iced and some cappucino at oh lala's together. We discuss thing. Like a story about how my dad when he young. A funny story about him friend. But meaningfully. My dad always always can tell some stuff that can make me motivated. He says God always give us a better way can happen. Just think positive with God and doing something with your dream, go for it. But be grateful for anything that can happen at the future. Never take it to your head seriously. Just think there is another way that waiting for you next. All in your life is the better thing can do. And grateful for everything you get and everything happen. God always have a better ways. For some reason that you never know.
Anyway. You always make me get some inspiration, Dad. And i swear i never let you down and make you dissapoint with me. (Well, even you never blame me, you always think positive anyway:).
always love you, dad..