Sunday, January 25, 2009

epi b'day viraa

Fhila, Meii, Me, Vira, Wulant, Irra

*ijhh ijhh belepotan kuehh semua..hhihi*

HAPPY 17th BIRTHDAY. Viraa existrasisers~... *muach muach*
The day before i planned a surprised party for my dearest friend, Vira Curut a.ka. Phirud. Hhihi. She is my empacking beEphEph a.k.a f*ck'n best friend forever~ .xP
And i have another surprise to make her surprised too, Ucokk *evil* hhaha. He is a boy that i always joke have a flirt with Vira. And the surprise at my home, *mission success* . *wink*