Friday, January 16, 2009

i love when i'm falling in love

~Oww MY GOOD`!!!... I love this feeling* The feelings when you look someone and your heart feel beaten'. I love when i'm falling in love. Smile and smile for a whole day. He's turn on my mood. World seem okay. No worry about. With him is just great and wow. Grin and grin. Whoa. I look at this guy and feel "I like this guy" and i will always smile even for a silly things. Haha. Falling love is make me silly. But i love when i'm falling in love. It just feel up my energy at the bored time i must go. With *him*, all of the worlds seems brighter and i just can't take my eyes on him. My love is always be a silly one. No doubt it just a short term flirt and lust. Haha. I always enjoy it. *dance* and ^wink^.