Thursday, January 8, 2009

ps. i love you

Look into my eyes, and find yourself there.
Look into my faces, and see your happiness there.
Hear into my breath and see your name there.
Find into my heart and see your heart's pieces there...

can't you see?
but you just walkaway. Nobody can crush into you like me.
But i must let you go. Let you go.

i can't blame that time i find you
i can't blame that situation
i can't blame that memories you left behind
i can't blame the fact that is too late to know

i never want you go.

but can i love you perfectly?

for all the things you have.
for all the things that you make i miss you.

can i find you again, in my life?
and start all from the beginning?
since we meet like the first time?

p.s i love you