Monday, July 6, 2009

a life, huh ?

well, i’m not a complained that always argue, asking and pushing someone to do something. I’m not an anarchy person that will be so angry and put a gun. I’m not an emo that may feeling so mellow and feel down. I’m just an ordinary human that also have a limit. Just have a little strength to through all of this.

This is a way out to makes myself feel free. I don’t know. Like Lenka’s said, “i’m just a little girl caught in the middle, life is a maze, and love is a riddle”

and like baldybodhi saids : BORN, CONSUME,MATES AND DIE. A holly circle. For a God’s sake. I just need a peace, a save-place where i can spend all my hobby and makes my dream getting real. Even i still don't know what i'm looking for. But, is that the point we are still have life, isn't it ? If we can find and can finish our job in this world, then isn't it means we are dead enough ? Well, I just need more strength to through this. But in my deepest heart...
I sure i can through this.
Well, keep motivated.

cheers up !