Thursday, August 27, 2009

unforgettable 2 weeks .

Well, last 2 weeks i go to singkawang at secata B to follow the basic training of dicipline . Hmm at first i just feel down and not really enthusiastic with that dicipline's. But time by time, i get a precious lesson there for manage time, for doing the important and basic thing first. Without handphone, internet or even communicate with family. I learn how to focus, about the military that understate everyone there as a big family, and pass all together, happy or sad .
I got many new friends that so kind and have a different characters that makes me more and more learn to have extra patience, extra heart to received any condition with all of my friend, the unconditional love. Happy and Sad, i sure i can through it all .

at end of this month i will go again, to follow the new life at my new college. I just hope i can study seriously to reaching all of my dreams then. Well, my only hope is just for getting success for myself and can makes my family proud and happy with me. And can be the independent woman that can makes my family happy and getting wealth .
ameen .

go go girls !