Sunday, December 28, 2008


*myself, mey, ulant*

well. i have some vacation last holiday with half of my classmates, rent a little bus and go to pasir panjang beach. Not a suprising vacation, anyway because i think pasir panjang is the one and only the purpose for the local's tourist like us. So, i almost here since i was kid. It spent four until five hour, even your bus driver was drive like fly. Eurgh, i have a little problem with bus. At bus i will smell like a vomit and i will sick if i smell it, so it turn my mood into a bad level what makes me anti-social or something like it even i don't mean so. Its so hurrible. But. anyway thanks for all my friend who i think can understand me. And finally i can enjoy my vacation so. Thanks for all my beloved friends, who always supported me when i sad or down...

*especially ^existrasist, well, i dont mean to make some gap or something like that, just i feel more close with all my friends here and can support me whatever i am... Big Thanks, not for existrasist. But for every people that ever being my friend. >.< XoxO