Saturday, December 27, 2008


Whoa. i just read a new moon (a twilight's serial) and think that is so cool book. I like the main idea for love about your prince charming who makes you give everything. Well, i know the feeling when you love someone and be little obsessed about it. So you can do something silly or something useless for him (in my case, it means always thinking about him day and a day, urghh that is so annoying to always make myself hurt and hurt again when i saw him, and can't think another else, like a serious problem with my life >.<). But, actually i know i want this. I want to think more and more about him. And twilight serial is make me very jealous with Bella... Oww.. i want this is happen to me too. I know, i must attemp to get it too, don't be lazy and fight for your life and for your lovelife. go go girl! xoxo
Karina Oktriastra