Friday, December 26, 2008


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i just want to introduce myself;P

my name is Karina Oktriastra
my school is at SHS 3 at 3rd class now.

i love black and red colour
i love paramore
i love cappuccino
i love music

i lived at ponticity,westborneo i called. my life i just search a little of dangerous and something that makes my adrenalin moved.~

mostly.i love write . i like to spent my time for imagine. All of thing that can happen if this, or something different. I like to see how much attemp and fate can make a tragedic story or beautiful story.
i love Photography. . .i like if i can capture some precious moment in my life or people's life, because all picture has a story and sometimes very meaningfull...
my pleasure if can catch that.
and i love myself of course!!! >.<

fyi. this blog will influent with English and Indonesia.
because now i learn to describe myself at English
well, i think i want to go to around the world someday. and i must inure with English =P

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