Friday, January 2, 2009

little bit of life

sometimes something big just started with a little thing. I know. My life so wasted if i just run into a circle. Even it make a sense and a big meaning. I must learn something. Learn to let it go.
I can't get anything i want in my life. Some mess. Some catch. But never let me fooled by myself, my silly desire to get all. Don't be too obsessed with that. Just focus to your target now. To your life now. Don't look back. I mean, not look back for sorrow, be strong. Try to forgive, but not forget. Learn something and try to understand people. This world not just about your feeling. Try to understand people's heart. What they want. What they feeling. Try to respect yourself, and try more to respect people around us. People who cares about your feeling. Try to thankful and respect them. Little thing but thats so important. I just feel little guilty when i know there is somebody who can loves me, no matter what i do is wrong, no matter that i could be so ungrateful and can't respect them. But they still loves me, cares about me. And i just think about myself, my silly feeling. Love u all.