Friday, July 3, 2009

ckckck, boys !

boys !
why sometimes they just screw up our mind.
i watched transformers 2 at xxi last saturday
and melt,
i means REALLY melting seeing Josh Duhamel.
What a @#$%, LOL .
i hope i can find hmm,
similar guy like that and can make him mine ! =P
but i think i almost find it.

not sooo similar. but i think. i got crush !
d*mn, recently i just got a crush and crush,
i crush into somebody, and maybe tomorrow
the boy will be someones different.
LOL . I think i want to stop feel this silly feeling.
or i just want to enjoy it.
but i think i can hurt people's feeling with what i do *evilgrin*

hey, i am single!
and i have a choice !
then, before i have "a relationship state"
am i do wrong if i just selected and see ...

but at least i know that boy must makes me melting like Josh Duhamel !
OMG . He's so hot ! LOL